Achieving UltraWellness

ACHIEVING ULTRAWELLNESS is a lifelong process. Dr. Mark Hyman and the staff of his UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA are glad to provide you with information, resources and an opportunity to learn more about a revolutionary new approach to health and disease. This approach is based on systems or Functional Medicine, a set of emerging scientific principles that help us treat the cause, and often cure the disease, rather than just treat symptoms.

We invite you to explore more deeply in these ways:

  1. Read Dr. Hyman’s in-depth explanation of Functional Medicine or the one from The Institute of Functional Medicine, where he is Chairman of the Board of Directors. If you prefer to learn from a video, these two about Functional Medicine form a great introduction: one that compares the differences between conventional medicine and Functional Medicine, and another that poses Functional Medicine as the model for 21st century health care.
  2. Familiarize yourself with Dr. Hyman’s series of articles called the 7 Keys to UltraWellness, which takes the principles of Functional Medicine and makes them practical and understandable for everyone. They begin at this link.
  3. Sample Dr. Hyman’s bestselling books and dvd’s on this “Ultra” lifestyle website.
  4. Prefer to try some quizzes or self-tests instead, to see if the approach of Functional Medicine is indicated for you?
  5. At The UltraWellness Center, we often say that the fork is the most powerful tool for achieving wellness, so perhaps you’d like to experiment with some of Dr. Hyman’s favorite healthy recipes from our archive?
  6. Widen your self-education by sampling the Health Links provided to help you access important and helpful health-related websites, from quality food sources to cooking blogs and scientific sites covering topics from medicine to the environment.
  7. Attend a lecture or workshop to learn more in person from Dr. Hyman. His calendar is found here.
  8. Visit, an educational website with new articles posted regularly, with easy-to-use features like these:

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