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MANY OF THE MOST frequently asked questions our patients have about taking supplements are addressed in the answers below.

Why am I taking so many supplements?

Each person has unique needs and imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that need to be corrected in order for healing to occur. Based on your doctor’s or nutritionist’s evaluation, testing and clinical experience, you have been prescribed nutrients and supplements to accelerate healing and to help you achieve optimal health. Over time, the number and frequency of supplements will be reduced. However, the first step of healing requires a repair process that can last three months to one year. Then you will be placed on a maintenance program for optimal nutritional support.

Can the doctor cut back on the amount of supplements I am taking?

Yes. The initial number of supplements for healing is more than you will be taking over the long-term. At each visit or consultation, your progress and program will be assessed and your treatment adjusted. If you have any difficulty with the supplements or would prefer a particular form of supplement – such as tablets, capsules, liquid, powders, or topical, we can assist you in finding what works best for you.

Can the doctor prioritize which supplements are absolutely necessary? It seems like a lot to take, and it costs so much.

Your doctor or nutritionist has matched your supplement recommendations to your particular unique needs based on your medical history and testing. The program is designed to achieve maximal results quickly. However, adjustments can be made to your health program to accommodate your particular preferences. Please make an appointment to review this with your practitioner.

What supplement should I start with? How shall I proceed from there?

Generally we recommend adding one supplement at a time with three days in between to be sure you tolerate them. Your doctor will give you general direction on which ones to introduce first. If not otherwise noted, you can start with one at a time based on the assessment and plan that you were given at your visit.

How should I be taking my supplements? With or without food?

Most supplements are taken with food unless otherwise specified. Some are important to take between or before meals or at bedtime and that will be noted on your assessment and plan given to you at your visit.

Something is not agreeing with me. I think it is one of the supplements. What should I do?

If you suspect a supplement is not agreeing with you, the best approach is to stop all supplements for three days (continue taking your medication), and then add one back at a time to see if you can determine which one is bothering you. If you have any loose stools or diarrhea, it is likely from magnesium or vitamin C. Simply stop or reduce the dose of those supplements to see if it resolves the problem. You may also request a supplement consultation with one of our nutritionists for 15 minutes to review your situation and get help making adjustments.

It says one bottle on the assessment the doctor gave me. Does that mean I only take one bottle and stop?

The “one bottle” means that we asked the pharmacy or the store to dispense only one bottle at a time. You should continue taking the supplements until your next appointment with your practitioner. At that time your medical condition will be reviewed and any changes or adjustments to your supplements will be made.

It says 12 refills on the assessment the doctor gave me. Will I be taking this supplement forever?

We usually recommend unlimited or 12 refills if we plan on long-term therapy for a year. We do recommend an annual review of your progress with your doctor or nutritionist. At that time your program will often be adjusted or changed to accommodate any changes in your health.

I see that some of the supplements I am taking have the same ingredients in them. Is this a problem?

Nutrients have many roles in the body and many of the different products we recommend contain the same nutrients. For example, many different products have folate in them. Most nutrients are water soluble and there is no risk of toxicity. The ones we are careful about include the fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, K and E, and minerals including zinc, selenium and others. Your doctor or nutritionist has created a balanced plan that is designed to optimize your state of nutrition and health, often requiring much higher dosages of nutrients than those of the “minimal daily requirement”. These are safe and you are being treated under careful medical supervision.

I don’t completely understand my nutritional or supplement program or want to understand more about the benefits or potential side effects. What should I do?

We offer a 15-minute consultation with one of our UltraWellness Center nutritionists to help inform, guide and support you on your path to health. Please call our office at (413) 637-9991 to schedule a supplement consultation.

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