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Nutrition consultations incorporate the Mind- Body connection to our food and lifestyle choices to help develop a new way of eating that is sustainable for each individual.

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Quick Cauliflower Coconut Stew

This delicious stew is perfect for vegetarians or meat eaters. And it’s full of healthy fats! Comforting and warm, it’s one the whole family can enjoy for dinner. Add in some chicken or tofu for extra protein. If you’re enjoying a…

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Top 5 Alternatives to Sugar-Laden Treats

So many of my patients say they don’t have enough “willpower” or “strength” to overcome their cravings for sugar. Rest assured your cravings go beyond willpower. Not only is sugar addictive, but as human beings, we are wired to desire sugar! To our ancestors, sweet meant safe and quick fuel that would help them outrun danger and keep energized until they foraged for their next meal. Today, sugar is everywhere and added to 74 percent of our packaged foods! Unfortunately,…
Tired businesswoman pouring coffee while working

7 Steps to Give You More Energy

I remember a time when I always felt tired.  I did not have the energy to do fun activities and often wanted to go to bed early.  I was overwhelmed by simple tasks and wondered if I would ever have energy again.  This was around 14 years ago.  In the 3 years before this time I was very busy and full of stress.  I was finishing up my training in medicine and at the age of 30 I was diagnosed…
Woman is standing outside in the city. She is perparing for a run and looks at her smartphone. She is wearing a earbud. Maybe she listens to music or she is about to lanch a fittness app.

Top 5 Fitness Apps

It’s likely that your phone isn’t very often far from your fingertips. From emails for work to catching up with the whereabouts of your kids — there always seems to be a reason to grab for your phone.  Since it’s so close, you might as well have some wellness-focused apps to help make mindful movement more achievable, further your nutrition goals or bring your attention back to the moment. In this series, we will highlight the top 5 health apps…