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New Online Classes- Coming Soon!

New Online Classes- Coming Soon!

Join UltraWellness classes from the comfort of your home!

Are you feeling stressed?

Do you need a break from your busy lifestyle?

Are you interested in learning more about nutrition and how to use food as medicine?

We are excited to offer NEW virtual classes that will support your healing journey for the mind, body, and spirit. Group classes will be live via Zoom to support one another on the path to wellness.


Upcoming Courses:

Get Your Chi On: Beginners Qigong. A three-week course led by Kathie Swift and Reba Schecter.

Qigong combines simple flowing movements, meditation, and breath to enhance the flow of Chi, or vital energy, in the body. Integrating mind, body, and spirit, this simple but powerful system has been practiced in the East for thousands of years to promote health and longevity.

The medicinal benefits are numerous:

  • Improved immunity and sleep
  • Enhanced vitality and mental clarity
  • Reduced pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Improved balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Enhanced tranquility/reduced anxiety and stress

This course meets for three weeks on Wednesdays: September 22, September 29, and October 6, 2021, 12PM-1:15PM Eastern Time via Zoom. Tickets on sale starting August 9th for $200. Click the link to register on Eventbrite. Space is limited!  https://bit.ly/3x7VG5i

Kathie Swift, MS, RDN, EBQ, is a registered dietician and functional nutritionist who is making a difference in healthcare. She has worked with Dr. Mark Hyman for over 25 years and specializes in digestive health. Kathie is certified in evidence-based qigong and has been incorporating this practice into her teaching for groups around the country.

Reba Schecter, MS, PT, is passionate about blending ancient eastern wisdom with cutting edge science for wellness and healing, and has incorporated qigong into her professional practice for the last 30 years. She was the founding physical therapist and exercise physiologist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA where she collaborated with Dr. Mark Hyman. Reba maintains a private practice specializing in therapeutic exercise for musculoskeletal imbalances, as well as improved neurological, cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Both Kathie and Reba are EBQ-certified by Master Yang Yang.


Foundations in Functional Nutrition. 

This two part, 8 week course will walk you through the foundations of Functional Nutrition and how to establish and build on a way of eating and living that will support sustainable optimal wellness for the individual. Part one will give you in-depth guidelines of what constitutes a good foundational diet and lifestyle. Part two will be an interactive series of classes where participants will put into action what they learned in part one and explore and identify what works best for them. Please note, you can choose to do just one part in the series.

This course meets on Wednesdays via Zoom. Part One: September 15, September 22, September 29, and October 6, 2021, 6:00PM-7:00PM Eastern Time. 

Tickets for Part One are available now for $200. If interested, please click the link to register. Space is limited! https://bit.ly/3k0yh1a

Part Two: October 13, October 27, November 3, and November 10, 2021, 6:00PM-7:00PM Eastern Time. Tickets for Part Two will be available for purchase starting September 27. 

Refund Policy: Please give at least 72 hours notice (3 days) prior to the first class if you need to cancel so we can fill your spot and give you a full refund. If you cancel less than 72 hours prior to the event we will not be able to issue a refund.


Class Schedule

Part One: Classes 1-4. Functional Nutrition 101

1. Introduction to Functional Nutrition: Learn about a leading-edge, evidence-based, systems biology approach to health care that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of illness to improve health outcomes. We will discuss why inflammation is the underlining imbalance that leads to most disease conditions and the critical role food plays.

2. The What/When/How of Eating: There is no one way of eating that works for everyone but there are some basic guidelines that work for most. Learning how to balance your blood sugars is one of these basic principles to a healthful way of eating. Once you understand how to balance your meals (which includes the when and how we eat), you will have the energy you want and the nutrients you need as well as a great foundation to build on. During this class, we will also review the importance of mindfulness and intuitive eating.

3. Building on Your Foundation: Discuss foods that you may want to consider taking a break from or fully eliminating from your diet, as well as foods (and supplements) that can help boost our biological systems, especially digestion, detoxification, immunity and brain/cardiovascular health.

4. Sustainability: Learn techniques and tools to establish new habits that become your new way of living. We will explore how to set up a functional nutrition kitchen, share recipes, meal planning and prep. You will identify any barriers you may have to change and explore ways around them. We will also discuss how to support sleep, tailor your exercise, and minimize the impact of stress, the other foundations of health.

Part Two: Classes 5-8. Experience the Healing Power of Food

5. Wipe Your Slate Clean and Rebuild: We will recap part 1 and discuss what foods to include on the program and what to eliminate. We will also review supplements you may want to add in for additional nutritional support. You will learn how to set yourself up for success with food shopping, stocking your kitchen, getting into a good mindset as well as accountability measures and tracking tools.

6. Check-In (2 weeks after class 5): Participants will be given the opportunity to share how they are doing, their successes as well as areas where they may need more support. This will include trouble shooting and additional tips to support the body during this time, i.e. like the importance of good elimination.

7. Reintroduction: We will review the best way to reintroduce foods back into the diet and track how your body responds. Review mindful eating.

8. Moving Forward: Reflect back on your experience as we support your journey moving forward. Questions we will explore include: what is the healthiest and most sustainable way of eating for you? What barriers have you found as well as the tools you now have or can explore further? Would you benefit working with a functional nutritionist or doctor? Additional resources will be provided.


Lindsay Malone, MS, RD, CSO, LD

Lindsay Malone is an Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition. She holds an MS in Public Health Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Her decade of experience in healthcare and education includes advanced practice at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic as well as teaching nutrition and culinary medicine at CWRU Medical School.



Check back with us for more classes to be added soon:

Meditation with Sudha Lundeen 



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