Achieving wellness is absolutely within reach. Change is possible. Becoming healthier does happen and feeling better can begin with a single step. What bridges the gap between wanting something and achieving it? That's a great question, enter coaching.

Health Coaching places you in a position to get traction with your life goals. It’s a powerful tool that can shift ambivalence and doubt, which by the way is completely normal. Humans want and yet they retreat. We dream yet we challenge our dreams with doubt. Coaching assists you to get into action and then maintain that action by creating both internal & external accountability.

Most of us have a vision of what we want our life to look like, but we may need to hear ourselves speak and verbalize what is unspoken. Coaching can help you identify the life you want to live and help you follow the plans you put in place to create and realize your future dreams!

Areas that Coaching may address

  • Habit formation around all areas of wellness, i.e., eating, weight, exercise, stress reduction, relationships, & your spiritual life
  • Creating better balance with work, family, & leisure time
  • Creating goals, dreams, and future plans for all areas of living, i.e., love, family, recreation, leisure, spiritual, work
  • Time management & organization
  • Maintaining fitness & initiating exercise
Michelle Papanicolaou MSW, MAR, FMCA has over 20 years of experience working in the field of Mental Health within both an inpatient setting where she facilitated adolescent and family wellness and in Private Practice where she specialized in marriage & adolescent issues. Her interest in coaching began while managing and transitioning her husband’s traditional medical practice to a Functional Medicine model where she developed an expertise in coaching and was certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Michelle’s style is straightforward, and direct, with an incredible relatability. She has developed a broad-based experience that translates to honest, compassionate coaching that encourages your own personal exploration and growth.


  • Initial Session (60 minutes) – $200
  • Follow Up (60 minutes) – $200
  • Follow Up (30 minutes) – $100

Please contact the office to schedule. (413) 637-9991