Our Functional Medicine nutritionists have been uniquely trained and have many years of experience integrating the science and art of functional nutrition therapy.

Why Nutrition

We strive to provide the highest quality individualized nutrition care to all our patients and understand that one size does not fit all. Giving you a generic diet plan based on a medical diagnosis is simply not enough to foster optimal healing. From individualized advice about meal planning, to expert guidance on choosing the right supplements and eating mindfully, we support you in overcoming obstacles to dietary and lifestyle changes. Our Functional Medicine nutritionists are also able to recommend nutritionally-pertinent lab testing to better understand the root cause of your symptoms.


  • Initial Functional Nutrition Consultation (50-minute consult) – $575
    During your initial consultation, we will take a detailed health history and discuss diet, supplements, and lab tests. We will work with you to determine if there are lifestyle factors that are impacting your health, explore barriers to making changes, and identify solutions.
  • Follow-up (50-minute appointment) – $285
  • Follow-up (25-minute appointment) – $150



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