Michelle Papanicolaou, NBC-HWC, MSW, MAR, FMCA

You have arrived at a place in your health journey where the time has come to put into place the science and precision of your personalized health plan. The process of implementing your plan can involve a number of moving parts. This is where a health coach can step in and help you launch into your health journey successfully. They take the time to walk beside you in the details of your specific daily needs, abilities, and resources, helping you execute the advice and direction that your UWC team has put together for you. Your health coach will help you to sort through all the little details so you can achieve your goals and experience success in your health journey.

Michelle arrived at the doorstep of coaching like so many others through a pathway of stacked up life experiences. Her professional career began as a Family Therapist and a LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) with a strong interest in theology that led to a second Master’s in Arts & Religion. Michelle spent the better part of 2 decades helping families make change and transformation a priority. After a successful career shift to Medical Practice Management, she became interested in functional medicine when she and her husband transitioned their family practice from a traditional model to a concierge functional medicine one. Shortly after this pivot, she learned about the method of coaching through The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Michelle so resonated with the tenets of coaching, namely that all people have the ability to make changes that can lead to healthful living. During the Fall of 2019, she enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and graduated with a certification in coaching. Health Coaches motivate from the inside out. They help their clients build and create momentum. Coaches search, find, and celebrate strength. It’s a beautiful model of positivity that believes every human being has worth and value.


  • MSW Master's in Social Work
  • MAR Master's in Arts & Religion
  • FMCA Graduate Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • NBC-HWC National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Appointment Pricing

Initial Session (60 minutes) – $200
Follow Up (60 minutes) – $200
Follow Up (30 minutes) – $100

Please contact the office to schedule. (413) 637-9991