The UltraWellness Center is here to support you on your healing journey in a variety of ways that are complementary to the work you are doing with your doctor. We offer virtual group workshops on nutrition topics, meditation, and health coaching. Private sessions are available with our Meditation and Stress Management Specialist and with our Functional Medicine Health Coach. Ozone therapy taps into the body’s innate ability to heal, activating an anti-inflammatory response and increasing detoxification. Prolozone therapy is very effective for pain relief in muscles and joints. Good nutrition is a foundational need for our bodies. Our nutritionists are skilled in finding the right personalized eating plan that will help you feel your best. While we strongly believe in the “food as medicine” approach to healing, there are times when you may need concentrated nutrient therapy that we can deliver to you via an IV infusion. We are here for you to help you optimize your health and your daily performance.