Written by Mark Hyman MD
Young Forever

Young Forever

The science of longevity has advanced dramatically over the last decade unlocking the keys to longevity by understanding the root causes of aging. I used this revolutionary science to optimize the health of my patients and my own health (my biological age is 43 and my chronological age is 63!). Young Forever is a longevity roadmap translating the science into a practical guide for reversing disease and biological aging.

What we see around us is mostly abnormal aging. Witnessing the slow decline that comes with getting older, we might wonder if this is inevitable. It is not.

In Young Forever, I challenge readers to reimagine biology, health, and the process of aging. To uncover the secrets to longevity, I explore the biological hallmarks of aging, its causes, and its consequences—and show the reader how to reverse their biological age with simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments and new innovative therapies.

Here’s what is covered in the book:

Part I: The WHAT

  • The revolution in longevity science
  • How our current understanding of aging is based on abnormal aging, which is not inevitable
  • How your biological age can be reversed even as you grow chronologically older
  • The ten hallmarks of aging: the fundamental problems in our biology that occur as we age
  • The root causes of the ten hallmarks from the perspective of functional medicine


Part II: The WHY

  • How to stop and reverse biological aging by optimizing your seven core biological systems
  • The science behind how to eat for longevity
  • The science behind how to exercise for longevity
  • The science of lifestyle practices for longevity
  • How adversity and little stresses to your system (hormesis) activate longevity pathways
  • The emerging advances in longevity treatments


Part III: The HOW

  • How to diagnose and test for the underlying causes of aging
  • Using food as medicine to activate your longevity pathways
  • Using nutritional supplements for enhancing healthspan and lifespan
  • How to implement simple lifestyle practices and hormesis for longevity
  • How to personalize your program to address your unique needs and imbalances
  • My longevity routine: How I apply the longevity revolution to my own health and quest for a long and healthy lifespan


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