Meditation: Connecting to the Wisdom Within

In the foreword to Tulku Thondup’s book Boundless Healing: Meditation Exercises to Enlighten the Mind and Heal the Body, psychologist, science journalist, and Pulitzer-Prize nominee Daniel Goleman, PhD, explains what psychologists call the state of flow: “another mode of being — one where day-to-day preoccupations or anxieties fall away, where we are somehow lifted out […]

Green is in Fashion

It seems that the new color in fashion and decor is emerald green — it’s considered a must-have for updating your wardrobe and adding a pop of color to your home. When I heard that, I thought: in the world of nutrition we’ve always thought of green as the “it” color. Having said that, I […]

7 Keys to UltraWellness

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW how poorly they feel until they feel better. In fact, most of us don’t recognize that fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains, allergies, headaches, and more aren’t just annoying symptoms. They are early clues to impending diseases that can disable and kill us. Most heart disease starts in the womb. You can detect brain changes in teenagers that can predict

Lesson 2: Inflammation and Immune Balance

A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST can save your life. It is called C-reactive protein and it measures the degree of hidden inflammation in your body. This is important because almost every modern disease is caused by or affected by hidden inflammation, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, and dementia as well as arthritis, autoimmune disease, allergies, and […]

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